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Our experienced team are ready to give you facials that deliver fantastic results with products that are clinically proven. 

Each SkinCeuticals facial is customised to target your specific concerns following a thorough consultation and skin analysis. 


Our Facials

SkinCeuticals Facial -  £70

60 Minutes

Using clinically proven SkinCeuticals products which are formulated with high concentrations of pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients, clinically proven to make a significant improvement in the health and appearance of skin.

Each of our SkinCeuticals facials is customised to treat your specific concerns. 

  • Stressed Skin Facial 

    • This treatment includes stress reducing massage techniques and is designed to treat physical symptoms of stressed skin including dehydration and irritation. Combined with dual-function exfoliation which helps to resurface and rehydrate skin simultaneously, this treatment will leave skin rejuvenated, smooth and radiant. ​

  • Hydration Facial​

    • This treatment is designed to strengthen the skins natural barrier to prevent water loss. Targeting visible signs of dehydration, helping to plump fine lines and even out texture, leaving skin feeling and looking smooth, supple and bright. ​

  • Purifying Facial​

    • Designed for oily / combination skin types, prone to blemishes, blocked pores, congestion and acne. This facial will detoxify skin, reduce blemishes, inflammation and improve the overall skin texture. ​

  • Discolouration Facial​​​​

    • This treatment is designed to target signs of discolouration, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, aiming to provide a brighter and more even complexion

  • Soothing Facial​

    • This treatment is designed to provide calming to an inflamed or sensitive skin. Targeting redness, and aiming to repair a conservative skin barrier, this facial will leave the skin feeling smooth, supple and hydrated. ​​​

SkinCeuticals Signature Facial - £95

75 Minutes 

Our most deluxe facial. This facial treatment is designed with potent, active ingredients to target dull, tired looking skin, and restore luminosity.


As with our basic facial, this facial will be customised to ensure it is a bespoke treatment for each client, to ensure we target your main concerns. 


The Signature facial includes all elements of our basic SkinCeuticals Facials with the addition of:

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