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Dermalux LED
Light Therapy

Dermalux LED light therapy can be used to treat a number of skin conditions, including: eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis. By using the energies delivered by Light Emitting Diodes (LED) the responses of healing and repair can be triggered which will in turn, improve the overall health and condition of the skin.


Treatment prices and recommendations

Dermalux LED Therapy can be performed as:

  • A standalone 20 minute treatment session -   £40

  • A 10 minute add-on treatment to any facial -  £20

A treatment course of 12 sessions is recommended, with one session a week for 12 weeks. 

A treatment package of 12 sessions is available for £399

The Science

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that targets specific non-thermal light to energise cells which triggers a cascade of bio stimulatory responses. It is scientifically proven for a wide range of indications including skin rejuvenation, acne and pigmentation to wound healing, psoriasis and pain relief. 

Well proven for its regenerative and healing properties, phototherapy does not transfer heat or create injury, making it particularly effective in treating problematic and inflammatory conditions and is great for online casino players due to the highest safety and pain-free profiles.

Well evidenced for its regenerative and healing benefits, Phototherapy does not transfer heat or create trauma making it particularly effective to treat problematic and inflammatory conditions. With one of the highest safety profiles, it is pain free treatment without downtime and suitable for all skin types.  

LED Phototherapy is now recognised as an essential skin care treatment due to its versatility and role in the foundation of skin optimisation and good skin health. 

Conditions which can benefit from Dermalux LED Therapy?

  • ​Skin rejuvenation

  • ​Complexion​

  • Dry Skin

  • Pigmentation

  • Acne

  • Redness / Sensitivity

  • Psoriasis

  • Wound healing

  • Seasonal depression

The Three Wavelengths




Blue light can destroy the bacteria responsible for the development of spots and frequent breakouts of acne, as well as steadying the production of sebum. Powerful antibacterial action also has a calming effect to reduce redness and inflammation.



Red light has an anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It can accelerate the renewal of cells and help to increase the production of collagen and elastin. It supercharges cell energy to accelerate repair and renewal, boost collagen synthesis, increase hydration and enhance circulation to reverse the visible signs of ageing. Ideal for restoring vitality and glow.



Near Infrared light targets deeper cells to trigger the wound healing process, calm redness and irritation, reduce pigmentation and promote healthy skin. Combine with Red 633nm for advanced rejuvenation benefits.



Dermalux are the ONLY LED devices to deliver all 3 wavelengths simultaneously at the optimum power for superior and lasting results.

Our Treatment Protocols


Skin rejuventation

Indication: Fine lines, wrinkles, photodamage, loss of elasticity, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone


Indication: Dull dehydrated skin with a lack of radiance

Dry skin

Indication: Dry and tight, flaky or rough skin texture, easily irritated

Pigmentation: Photodamage

Indication: Photodamage, sun-induced age spots, uneven skin tone


Indication: Hormonal / post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, medication induced

Spot prone skin: Mild - Moderate

Indication: Occasional blemishes, comedones and oily skin. 

Spot Prone Skin: Moderate to Severe

Indication: Persistent breakouts, red and inflammed pustules, facial redness, oily skin

Redness - Vascular

Indication: Thin and vulnerable skin with visible capillaries and blood vessels

Redness - Skintone

Indication: Persistent facial redness and flushing

Sensitive skin - Irritation

Indication: Compromised skin, reactive and easily aggressed with blotchy redness


Indication: Skin trauma, cuts, burns and sunburn



Am I suitable?

Dermalux LED light therapy can be adapted according to a person’s individual concerns, which means it may be suitable for use on many different skin types. To heal and repair the superficial layer of the skin, as well as the deeper layers of the dermis, can produce a clearer and brighter appearance. The tone and texture of the skin can become more even as lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, acne scars, and blemishes are reduced.


Is the treatment safe?

The light energies used in this procedure are UV free and can produce a safe and effective outcome for the skin. A thorough consultation will explore your overall health and medical history to reduce the possibility of a negative response by the body.


Is the treatment painful?

Dermalux LED is a non-invasive procedure and is virtually pain free. Many patients find the experience relaxing and therapeutic. Light energies can also trigger the release of serotonin – a natural chemical produced in the brain – which helps to reduce stress levels and tension.

Are there any side effects?

Dermalux LED is a treatment that produces virtually no side effects and is low risk. This will all be discussed during your consultation, which is also your chance to ask questions and clear up any concerns.


What is the aftercare?

The final outcome of this treatment will often develop over a period of up to 6 weeks. There are virtually no aftercare instructions to consider, however ensuring your skin is appropriately protected from the sun using SPF 50 is important.

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