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Introducing a powerful new revolution in body shaping and muscle toning. Just one 30-minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 crunches, squats, curls or leg extensions.




What areas can I have treated?

  • Abdomen

  • Buttocks

  • Inner Thighs

  • Outer Thighs

  • Arms

  • Calves

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a course of eight treatments, one treatment a week over four to eight weeks (1 to 2 sessions per week), to achieve visible results.

Treatment Prices

  • Single Session - £100

  • Course of 8 Treatments - £599

  • Additional Areas are discounted by 50% 

Single sessions and courses include treatment of one area (Abdomen, Buttocks, Inner thighs, Outer thighs, Arms, Calves)


The Science

3D Powersculpt provides electromagnetic fields to a muscle to trigger the biological effect of exercise in a non-invasive, painless manner. Muscles are repeatedly contracted throughout the treatment, forcing the muscle tissue to adapt. The intense muscle contractions stimulate muscle hypertrophy, creating new protein strands and muscle fibres, resulting in muscle building and reduction of fat.

Featuring seven different waveforms for varied desired results, the 3D Powersculpt allows us to create a targeted approach to muscle toning and body shaping whilst also being used as an accelerator to other body-contouring treatments such as our 3D Aesthetics services. The treatment increases fat and calorie burning in the treated area and improves the body’s metabolic rate.

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