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Gummy Smile Correction

A gummy smile is a frequent and easily correctable concern. In most cases, it is caused by over activity of the muscles which elevate the upper lip when we smile, and can be improved with 2 small injections to relax these muscles. 

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What is a "Gummy Smile"?

A gummy smile occurs when the upper lip elevated too much, exposing a large amount of gum line above the teeth. This can lead to a potentially unattractive smile and a loss of confidence.

How can a gummy smile be treated?

With a small dose of Botox, the muscles elevating the upper lip can be relaxed, allowing the lip to sit lower over the gum line when smiling. 

Occasionally the concern can be exacerbated by a thin upper lip, and subtle lip fillers can be added to address this concern. 

Before and After Gallery

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